An investigative and dispute resolution professional Kenn has been internationally deployed as an investigator, trouble shooter, independent social worker and contact consultant for more than twenty years. His work has taken him into many difficult and dangerous situations. He has worked as an undercover and intelligence operative and continues to use his unique skills to bring about positive conclusions for high profile clients. He is a well respected personal safety advisor and is the preferred choice for several well known celebrities. He has also appeared regularly on National TV and radio as a specialist advisor and commentator.

Kenn has commendations from H.M. Forces Army, the High Court and letters of commendation and bravery from the Police and Prison Service.

Kenn is also a tireless fundraiser and has given his time to help many deserving charities including:

Lee Rigby Foundation. 24hrs underground in one of England’s deepest potholes. Mathew Mellor Kidney Appeal. Operation Crocodile: Disabled Children’s Expedition to Africa. Falklands Memorial Walk – 200 mile unsupported walk around the Falkland Islands. Polio 2000: Stoke on Trent to Bournemouth sponsored walk. Vladimir Vodka Challenge: Survival Initiative Super Couple. BEARS: Vital Aid to Romania. Emergency Aid to Albania. Childline -2 Days, 2 Miles underground. Bosnia: Child Advocacy International. Etruria Rotary: Charity Cycle Stoke to Llandudno.

Kenn Griffiths

Following military service, which involved close working relations with a number of law enforcement agencies, Kenn was one of the original members of the initiative which led to the formation of Staffordshire County Council’s Intermediate Treatment Programme for Young Offenders. As IT Manager, he served on the Stoke on Trent Juvenile Liaison Panel, a multi-agency group involving Staffordshire Probation, Education, Social Services and the Police. The panel met weekly to oversee criminal legal cases involving young offenders.

He was instrumental in the formation of the Staffordshire Court Diversion Scheme, another multi-agency approach to adolescent crime. Kenn has also been involved with Child Protection investigations including members of the Health Authority, Police, Social Services and Housing. As a Children’s Guardian, he has been involved in a number of court cases involving multi-agency co-ordination. He is a former member of Combined Court Service User Group. He has also been closely involved in joint working with Child Protection teams.

He was the driving force behind the initiative to use investigators as professional witnesses in anti-social neighbour disputes and has worked and lectured in this field for several years. He has chaired multi-agency teams involving Police, Housing, Youth Justice and Probation to co-ordinate professional witness programmes.

In 2001 Kenn trained and worked closely with Carmarthenshire County Council and other agencies to form and write their Policy and Procedures for Problem Solving Groups. During 2002 he acted as consultant with Stoke on Trent City Council to develop their Customer Care Protocal.

In 2003 Kenn was the security consultant and principal trainer in crowd control techniques for the Wales GB Rally – (Formally the RAC Rally).

Kenn was the anti-social behaviour consultant to Gwent and Glamorgan Housing.

Kenn is skilled in Conflict Resolution both as a trainer and practitioner. He has trained and helped to set up a mediation service in the Merthyr Tydfil area and uses his skills daily in his role with the UK Government’s Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service. He has successfully mediated in numerous challenging disputes and is committed to international Post Conflict Resolution.

Since 1998 he has been named as the investigator recommended by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust for the investigation of stalking and harassment. In this capacity he has been involved with the Crime and Disorder Act and has lectured and trained operators to joint working parties.

He has worked closely with the Health Authority, Police, Special Branch, Probation, Prison Service and Local Government and is a former Parish Councillor in the Staffordshire Moorlands.

As a trainer he is a qualified personal safety trainer and has run successful Offending Behaviour groups at Werrington Young Offenders Institute.